Published on 26 August 2022 at 18:16


A complete re-design of the existing kitchen/breakfast room and separate dining room into an elegant open planned kitchen/dining/chill area.  

By opening up the entire space an organic flow was created from the moment you entered the property.  French doors were added to allow access onto the beautiful, landscaped gardens from every zoned area. A comprehensive lighting scheme was designed to make the most of the stone, lacquer, and bronze finishes.  Bespoke furniture along with a calming colour scheme completed the look.



A “refresh” over the entire property was then required to deepen the calming atmosphere, along with a complete overhaul and re-design of the master suite, the family room and study/library.  Bespoke furniture and furnishings were installed, especially designed, to create a beautiful, liveable, and inviting home.